Animated Truck Over HD Video - Nighttime Visibility

In this project we needed to safely show how a tractor/trailer pulling onto a darkened roadway at night would appear to an approaching big rig. Of course we can't crash two semis to recreate the accident. To accomplish our safety goals we took nighttime HD 5K video of the road driving at speed through the accident location. We incorporated state-of-the-art photometers to capture the visibility as would be seen by the human eye as accurately as possible.

We then 3D laser scanned the truck and created a forensically accurate animation. Further, we need to know what the animated truck looks likes in the scene’s lighting conditions. So we go to a location that has the same lighting conditions, in this case, as there were no overhead lights at the scene, we went to a parking lot with no overhead lights. We then recreate the accident second by second to take still shots and analyze the lighting.

Finally we use these stills to compare against the animation. The theory is that if our animation matches the stills second by second then the movement in between each still is also accurate. The animation is layered over the HD video resulting in the project you see here.

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