Using Forensic Analysis in a “Battle of the Experts” Part 1

A Ford F350 careens onto a sidewalk after colliding with a Camaro pinning a bystander to a wall. The damages are extreme. Plaintiff’s expert presents compelling demonstratives showing the truck driver is at fault. What really happened? If you ever want to see how forensic animation and analysis can defend a case this narrated three part series is it. Yes it was a costly project but…there were serious damages at stake. In the end, our expert team’s painstaking analysis and questioning were shown at mediation to the mediator and opposing counsel; resulting in a speedy resolution. We use our entire arsenal in these videos: forensic analysis, simulation software, 3D laser scanning, 3D modelling, presentation of optimal driver behavior, human vs mechanical inputs and factors, PRT analysis, 4-viewpoint forensic animation presentation, turn radius and turn completion analysis, and, most importantly a rigorous cross examination of the opposition’s expert’s conclusions – to the point of animating their results to show the impossibility of their hand calculated report.

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